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Immigration Research Initiative

Immigration Research Intitative interveiwed our Executive Director Helen Dorado Alessi. In this report they discussed the struggles of immigrants in america. “This report allows us to understand the very important nuances to the immigrant story on Long Island and further illustrates how people new and not so new to this country continue to excel at all levels of the job market on Long Island.  Our views on Long Island about immigrant life and our reliance on the talent at all ends of the economic status reiterates the need for an increased awareness and understanding of the positive aspects of newcomers.  At the very same time, there exists an incredible struggle for one third of immigrants who are employed as essential workers to manage financially and provide for their families on lower wages paid through these positions.”

Kite Flying Event

The Long Beach Herald 

Shining a light 

News 12 



Kiwanis Brunch 




Kite Flying 


Helen Interview with newsday


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