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When you make a donation through our paypal by clicking the button below please donate the via paypal price. In the notes/ description of the paypal donation please label it gala and specify what package you are buying. 

If you do not want to pay the price that it is via paypal you may come to the office and make a donation through a check or cash if that is prefered.  

After you make the purchase we will send you an email with instructions on creating and sending us a journal ad. 

Diamond: Back Cover: $5,000  via paypal: $5,181.32
Diamond: Inside Front Cover: $4,000 via paypal: $4,145.16
Diamond: Inside Back Cover: $3,500 via paypal: $3,627.07
Platinum Page: $3,000 via paypal: $3,108.99
Gold Page: $2,000 via paypal: $2,072.83
Page Plus (Ad on website) : $1,500 via paypal: $1,554.75
Color Full Page: $1,000 via paypal: $1,036.67
Color Half Page: $500 via paypal: $518.59
Color Business Card: $250 via paypal: $259.55
Step and Repeat: $3,000 via paypal: $3,108.99
Tickets:  $190 via paypal: $197.38
Personal Donations are appreciated

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