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Parent Café

The LB Latino Civic Association is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for Long Beach’s Latino community. Our organization focuses on education, civic engagement and community building. We strive to empower our members by providing access to resources that help achieve greater economic prosperity and social justice.

To achieve our vision, we offer several services and activities, including our Community Parent Cafés. This interactive exercise and dialogue for Hispanic mothers and fathers will develop a plan for the educational and civic success of their children. Parent Cafés will also prepare Long Beach community members to apply for city run committees and commissions as a first step to becoming an integral part of the city.

Past Café

This is where you can find all of 2023's past Parent Café we covered many topics like: Health, Education, Immigration Rights and upcoming on July 29th: Enviromental Justice!


At this event we had a visit from a NIKKEN spokesperson and a super fun chair aerobics session with Yvette Vega

Immigration Rights

We had the pleasure of having NYIC come to out event to discuss Immigrant Rights 


Our LIV Interns told us about what our local highschool has to offer classwise and more! 

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