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The Team

Our In-office Staff


Helen Dorado Alessi

Executive Director

She is the Executive Director of Long Beach Latino Civic Association, a former trustee of Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, CEO and founder of El Dorado Consulting. Her dedication to her community includes the City of Long Beach’s Planning Advisory Board, Ethics Commission and Hurricane Sandy Community Redevelopment Council. She is a devoted and active member of the larger philanthropic sector, and formerly the vice-president at the Edwin Gould Foundation, the Corporate Philanthropy Manager at Toyota Motor North America Corporation and served on the board of Hispanics in Philanthropy for six years. She has been proudly honored for outstanding community service by the State of New York, Nassau County and the mayor of Hempstead.  She was chosen as one of the Top 25 Advocates for Latino Empowerment by The Hispanic Network and won Circulo de la Hispanidad’s Community Innovator and Leadership Award.

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Jennifer Zambrano

Administrative & Grants Coordinator

 Proud daughter of Ecuadorian parents. Holds an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts & Humanities and is currently enrolled in the SUNY Empire State University to pursue and obtain her Bachelor of Professional Studies in Community and Human Services, B.P.S. Lived in Long Beach, New York for the past 29 years now resides in Island Park, New York. She is a proud single mother of two lovely boys. She is the Administrative and Grants Coordinator of the Long Beach Latino Civic Association. 


Cindy Ariza 

Communications Coordinator 

My name is Cindy Ariza. I’m a passionate communicator and media enthusiast, born and raised in Long Beach, NY. I recently graduated from SUNY Oneonta, where I was able to pursue my academic interests in communications, media studies, and Spanish. Currently, I’m gaining valuable experience as a Communication Coordinator at the LB Latino Civic Association, where I actively contribute to community-driven initiatives and outreach programs. My work at LB Latino Civic Association not only allows me to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals in the community but also serves as a stepping stone for my future career aspirations. As the proud daughter of two immigrant parents, I am deeply committed to using my voice to empower others and promote inclusivity. Through my work at LB Latino Civic Association and beyond, I aim to foster meaningful connections, bridge gaps in understanding, and advocate for underrepresented communities.


Ana Ramirez 


Born in Costa Rica, Ana is completing her senior year of high school. As an IB and AP student she has been devoted and committed to her community. Besides her position as an intern over a year, she runs a series of clubs and is involved in multiple societies within the school. Ana aspires to major in international business once she enters college, as she sparked interest through her time with us.

Julia Cordova 

College Intern

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Eliana Park


Eliana is in her senior year of high school studying in many IB (International Baccalaureate) and AP (Advanced Placement) classes. She looks forward to applying to many schools across NY to go into politics and make changes where it means the most to her. She wants to quickly move up in the political world and work in the House of Representatives or the Senate represeting her state. 


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