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The LB Latino Civic Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment and advancement of the Latino community in Long Beach. Since our formation in the mid-1990s, we have been committed to improving the lives of our residents and providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

We are proud to have spearheaded a variety of projects that have had a lasting impact on our community, from creating a scholarship fund to recognizing the achievements of local Latinx leaders. Our mission is to create a bridge between the Latino community and public officials and to help foster a sense of pride and purpose within our city.

Youth Leadership Development in Victory

A college and career readiness intern experience using social justice theory and practice to embolden selected participants as they become empowered leaders in their families, communities and careers.


At LB Latino Civic Association, we are dedicated to empowering our local community by teaching young people the importance of civic engagement. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become an informed, active and engaged citizen. Our programs focus on teaching our youth the power of civic participation and how they can use their voice to make a positive impact. We strive to create a safe and open environment in which our youth can learn, grow and become active members of their community.

Career Connections

Free restaurant training program for qualified participants ages 18-24 years old.


LB Latino Civic Association values educating young people so they can be successful in their communities. 

Green Light 

The Green Light law, officially known as the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act, allows those without lawful status in the United States to apply for a Standard New York State Driver’s License (class D, M & E and non-CDL only) – provided they go through the same application process, take the same tests, and pay the same fees as all other Standard License applicants.


This is one of our great achievements at LB Latino Civic Association. 

Learn about our other Achievements on our About us Page. 

Random Acts of Cleanup 

We develop practical projects and raise awareness of our own pollution-producing behavior. Floaters can affect the community with severe flooding by blocking drains, causing safety issues and other potential damage. Potential toxins are spread between air, soil and water in the community that can be released through photodegradation or direct human dermal exposure. Our goal is to improve and protect local waterways, educate residents and youth about the negative effects of floating plastics, cigarette butts, balloons, straws and litter.



  • Improve and protect local waterways to educate Bay Area residents about the negative effects of floating plastics, cigarette butts, and debris.

  • Develop hands-on stewardship projects, raise awareness of balloon hazards, and create alternatives to balloon launches.

  • Inspect and clean up the affected Bay Area and collect data.

Calls for Comfort and Caravans for Care

“Calls for Comfort” started with check-up calls in Mid March 2020, asking questions that focused on the Covid-19 crisis and related issues. Once we gained the trust of our members, calls were being answered and members would ask us where to find food & other essential items.


Donations from wonderful neighbors in our community are coming in. Families have received food, baby needs, diapers and Easter chocolate to comfort them. We are still making calls & deliveries through our "Caravans for Care" program. Donations are still welcome.

Census 2020 “Cuenta Conmigo

Partnered with "The New York Community Trust '', LB Latino Civic promoted and encouraged members of the community to fill out the 2020 Census. Our office was a census hotspot as we had Census workers come in to assist potential job seekers to work for the Census Bureau.


LB Latino Civic Association helped 5,000 people fill out the 2020 census. 

Immigration Protection Forums

A quarterly forum where LBLCA collaborates with a network of allies to discuss information and provide assistance for immigrant families and neighbors in the US. 


LB Latino Civic wanted to keep our community safe and give our members some piece of mind that their families and quality of life would not be changed by new immigration policies of the time. 

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