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Corporate Membership

We have corporate members. These members have many benefits all for the price of $1000. 


LB Latino Civic cannot do all that we need to do if we don't have volunteers. Help make a difference today.

Pitch Deck

Learn abour the LBLCA and our important information 

Organizational Membership

Becoming a supporting member of LB Latino Civic allows us to continue what we do. In making a donation of any amount you can support LB Latino Civic and we will give you many benefits. 

Become an Intern

We offer high school and college level internships to students in our area. Click the button below to learn more. 

Latinos By The Numbers

Learn about the demographics of Latinos in many feilds of work and more!


If you need help with any personal matters that we can help you with click the button below and we will be in touch


Nothing should ever stop a student who wishes to attend college.

Community Rescources

If you live in Long Beach New York or surrounding areas you can click the button below to find rescources that can help you and your family. 


See local and LB Latino Civic upcoming events! Click the button below. 

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