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Our Founders Orlando Ariza, Martha Otero
& Mike Cruz 

Orlando Ariza, Mike Cruz and Martha Otero came together in 1994 to create an organization that would alleviate the social problems of the Latino community in the city of Long Beach, New York. They started with meetings at the public library with 30 to 40 people participating. A year later they decided to make it official and turned it into a non-profit organization. From offering Socio-Economic Development programs to stimulate leadership and generate environmental and cultural awareness, to encouraging educational and Civic Participation through one-on-one meetings and public events. Here at LBLCA, we are devoted to building a better future for the members of our community.


Our Mission

To empower and advocate for communities and individuals in crisis and need towards self reliance by providing resources and access to opportunity networks.


Our Vision

We advocate for empowering individuals and communities towards self reliance by providing resources for all individuals in crisis and in need of services essential to their growth as well as access to a better quality of life.


  • ​Pathway to Citizenship: Provide guidance leading to legal status, residency and citizenship.

  • Green Light: Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act.

  • Census 2020: Outreach and education to participate in census; recruited and trained from bilingual census takers from the community.


We encourage engagement with the Latino community through a variety of programs and events. Through the collaboration of partner organizations and institutes, we work to create better opportunities and establish stronger roots in our community.


We are committed to creating a better future for our members, and providing them with the necessary tools to reach their fullest potential. We are proud to be a part of a larger network of organizations dedicated to helping our members reach their goals.


Our Leaders in Victory (LIV) program is especially important to us, as it provides our youth with the education and resources they need to become successful leaders of tomorrow. Through this program, we offer internships for high school and college students. We strongly believe that youth development is the key to building a better future.


The LB Latino Civic Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of the Latinx community in Long Beach. We strive to embrace individual roots and ethnic values across Hispanic countries while creating a unified multicultural community. Our mission is to provide education and resources to the Latinx youth while promoting the value and importance of civic engagement.


From developing hands-on projects to engage our members with the environment to directly educating people on how to preserve our planet, we aim to raise awareness on the importance of environmental conservation.

Our 5 Main Focus Areas

Meet Our Team

Board of Trustees


Office Staff

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