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Testimonials From Our Members

"To the people of LBLCA, I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me to help me become an American citizen. God bless you and thank you again on behalf of my children and myself."

"I feel very grateful to LBLCA. LBLCA helped us 100% with our immigration process and with the translation of documents. LBLCA found us a qualified immigration attorney since I had a scam with the previous supposed attorney. Thank you for your attention."

"I am very happy and less afraid of any doubt about my immigration status, thank you for helping me with my case and introducing me to a new attorney. You are a wonderful non-profit organization that is actually interested in solving problems. Long Beach Latino Civic Association is amazing. I am grateful and heartily relieved, thank you."

Members at a past event

Our Mission 

To empower and advocate for communities and individuals in crisis and need towards self reliance by providing resources and access to opportunity networks. 

What we do 

Enviromental Justice 



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